Silver Age

by Desert Culture

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I don't know where these songs come from. Some stem from stories I heard a while back, and others come from stories I made up. Some time ago I decided to pursue other things outside of being in bands, but still had the need to write and record music. And I wanted to make a record with the people I really trusted; my roommates, my friends from college. I knew that if you want to go out and make music, go out and make music.

I wanted to recreate music from a lot of influences from the 60's and old garages and old movies and all of those things filtered through my mind. Brett and I especially liked That Thing You Do and the Enchantment Under the Sea dance from Back to the Future.

Thanks to all of the people who helped make this record possible, Brooke, my family, my friends, Brett, Jas, Danny, Peter, Sean, Frenchie, Alex, all of the bands I've played with, all the people I've ever made music with, and all of those who have ever listened.

Special Thanks to Michael Paul Smith, who was very encouraging through out the project, and did a staggering amount of work to create the cover art. His work is amazing. Please go check it out at

If you like this music, please go listen to The Sonics, Nick Waterhouse, Allah-Las, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Wes Montgomery, and The Zombies. Those, among others, were huge influences on me.


released July 24, 2014

All songs written and performed by Desert Culture
All songs produced by Daniel Vega

Drums, Percussion, Vibraphone, Piano, Organ, Guitar, Bass, Vocals, and other things played by Daniel Vega
Guitar and Vocals by Brett Thorne
Additional Guitar and Claps by Jas Nowicki
Saxophone by Peter McCrady

Drums and Bass recorded at Public Hi-Fi by Brad Bell in January 2014
Guitar, Piano, Organ, additional Bass, Percussion, and Vocals recorded by Jas Nowicki at Yellow Dog Studios and the kitchen in our house, March-June 2014

Mixed by Frenchie Smith and Sean Rolie at the Bubble
Mastered by Alex Lyon at the Bubble in July 2014

Cover photograph by Michael Paul Smith.



all rights reserved


Desert Culture Austin, Texas

I want to make music you can do the twist to; music you can shake your knees to. My name is Daniel Vega. I write songs with Brett Thorne, Grant Appleton, and Taylor Thomas.

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Track Name: Salton Sea
I'm going to take you down to the Salton Sea,
I'm going to show you and brand new kind of scene,
I'm going to make you into something obscene,
I'm going to crown you the brand new beauty queen

Have you ever seen something so abandoned it could be yours,
A new ghost in this old ghost town the queen of the desert shores

I'm going to take you down to the ocean floor,
I'm going to show you a sight never seen before,
I'm going to shake you straight through your body's core,
I'm going to watch you wash up upon the shore
Track Name: Knew It All Along
How could I trust you,
You say he rushed you,
That's when the lust grew, yeah,
they said you would do me wrong,
and they knew it all along

How could you say that,
those are words you can never take back,
by now you should know how to act

I should have listened to them,
they said you were full of poison,
they said this is how it would end

I should have listened to them,
they said you were up to something,
they said you were good for nothing, yeah

I should have listened to you,
I never saw your side, I just had mine,
and I held on tight thinking I was right,
Things we put each other through,
I never saw your view, the things I didn't do,
made you run into the arms of someone new

We were young, and we were so dumb,
but I swear that we were in love

I hope you know I forgive you,
what we had was new, it's now all through,
but it doesn't mean our love was never true

We were young, and we were so dumb,
but it doesn't mean we weren't in love
Track Name: Holy Cross High School
I don't know where you heard that from,
I don't know who's been talking,
but they have got it all wrong

The truth is far worse to hear,
truth is the line you're walking,
is one you cannot walk long

Everybody knows,
What's been going on,
It's been happening for far too long,
Everybody knows,
What you've been doing wrong,
Everybody knows you gotta get gone

I don't know what you think you've done,
as if nobody's keeping,
tabs and their eyes on you

She deserves to hear the truth,
to hear where you've been sleeping,
deserves to see right through you,

You should know how to act by now,
this isn't the first time you've been caught messing around,
how many girls will fall for your tired lines,
how many girls will you let down,
a day will come when the tables turn,
and someone turns your head and leaves you high and dry,
and you'll wonder why, all the times you've lied,
how it feels on the other side
Track Name: Elgin Park
Welcome to Elgin Park,
Welcome to Elgin Park,
Welcome to Elgin Park,
Welcome to Elgin Park,
Track Name: How Can I
How can I relate to you,
Tell me one thing that we both do,
Tell me one thing that we've been through together,

And how should I remember you,
As someone that I never talked to,
As someone that I never knew no never,
As someone that I never talked to not ever,

I don't want see you hanging around anymore

We're not the same in any way,
I've never used words I've heard you say,
I've never been places I know you stay not ever

We're not the same and we'll never be,
You never were quite as low as me,
You never did get your hands dirty no never
Track Name: Prodigal Son
Let's go down to the well,
and put ourselves underneath it's spell,
Down here it gets hot as hell,
My blood boils and my veins all swell,